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CONVOCATION 23 FEBRUARY 2014: Against the war in Syria


Women in Black of Belgrade and Madrid denounce the indifference with which a great part of the West is reacting to the war unleashed in Syria.

When it presented itself, we denounced that the supposed guardians of democracy that rose up as saviors of this country, supporting the insurgents, in reality only intended to defend their own interests in the area.

The vendors of weapons continue enriching themselves with their macabre business with the blessing of their respective governments, despite the fact that they know these armaments are used against the civilian population.

With the backing of Russia and China, and with the inaction of the European Union and the remainder of the international community, Al Asad and the insurgents continue bombarding and destroying Syria, but they have no plans to assist the millions of refugees, nor to protect the civilian population trapped between the two opposing military forces. The people of Syria are suffering the consequences of a conflict that has little to do with them, but which only serves the interests of the belligerent parties and, given the strategic importance of Syria, the interests of the great world powers.

Women in Black ask for:

A peaceful resolution to the conflict through political consensus that will include all civilian voices involved.

That the negotiations for peace in Syria to take place in Geneva be effective and not delayed any longer.

That access to weapons for both factions be prevented and denounced.

That those who govern and are in a position of influence cease to seek their own interests and defend those of the people of Syria.

That the people of Syria be protected not only from military aggression but also from hunger, poverty, forced emigration, sexual violations and abuses, etc.

That there be no impunity, rather that those responsible account in court for their crimes against the people.

Cessation to the destruction of Syrian historical heritage.

That the government of Spain become more involved in providing humanitarian aid to the refugees from Syria.

Let us remove war from history and from our lives

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA

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