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CONVOCATION 24 April 2016: Without refuge


Political and social crises always present themselves to us as matters that are difficult to understand and to resolve. They tell us that all conflicts are “complicated” and all wars “inevitable”. It is a strategy to silence the voice of the civil population. No one, no government nor parliament in Europe is listening to the opinions and sentiments of their people. The upper echelons do not represent us.

Our “Western” governments (in Europe as in the USA, Russia…) have always been involved issues relating to the Middle East. Let us not forget the responsibility of our government for the invasion of Iraq. They have supported, and even installed, mercenary or dictatorial governments. They have supported various political factions, even armed groups. They have established their businesses and interests there, including petroleum and weapons.

Our governments have intervened with impunity without measuring the consequences of their actions on the people of those countries or of their own people. Now both are suffering because of terrorist attacks. Although we are still expressing our grief regarding the attacks of recent years, which could result in arguments for islamophobia, we should remember that terrorism has no borders nor does it differentiate between nationalities and religion: 80% of the deaths owing to terrorist attacks have occurred in just five countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.

And we see that these actions have other consequences:
- There are millions of people displaced by wars in which we have been involved, millions of people without any possible refuge. And we are responsible for those who arrive at the doors of Europe as much as for those who cannot even escape the wars.
- Resolutions and agreements are approved that later are not carried out. The agreed number of refugees to be welcomed is shameful, but we don’t even accept anywhere near that number. How many refugees have been welcomed by the greatest world economic power, that is to say, Europe? How many refugee families should Spain accept and how many has it welcomed?
- Embarrassing agreements are arranged, such as the millions to the government of Turkey, which according to denouncements made by humanitarian organizations, has started shooting Syrian children on their borders, bombing Kurdish villages in Syria and repressing their own population without any consideration for human rights.

Another responsibility concerns us: the increase in racism and xenophobia in Europe. We cannot avoid taking seriously the rise of the ultra-right and Neo-nazism. Governments must take measures to dismantle the dangerous reasoning that these factions promote.

Women in Black of Madrid demand

To urgently prioritize a worthy and deserving welcome to refugees.

Welcome and support deserters and conscientious objectors to war.

Rescind agreements made with Turkey.

Act to combat and eradicate fascism, racism and xenophobia.

Renounce military responses in our region and elsewhere.

Initiate measures so that actions that originate in the current situation do not remain in impunity and responsibility is assumed.

Immediately draw a halt to commerce in weapons in the region.

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain

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