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The last Sunday of the month in the Plaza Mayor (next to the horse statue) at 12:00 noon
Women in Black
invite you to a vigil in black and in silence.
27 JANUARY 2008

In commemoration of 30 January INTERNATIONAL DAY OF NO-VIOLENCE


We want to build peace fighting for other society and proposing new models. We take part for values that lead us a social change, give us critical attitudes and staring in our social reality.

We ask:

♀ a part of 68,68 millions of euros dedicated daily to the defense expenditure in Spain, would be assign, in 2008, to promotion of peace through education, defending and promotion of Human Rights.

Let us expel war from history and from our lives
C/ San Cosme y San Damián, Nº 24, 2º
28012 – Madrid

In commemoration of 30 January INTERNATIONAL DAY OF NO-VIOLENCE

Women In Black against war, in the commemoration of Non-Violence day,

We denounce:

The use of war as a way to regulate the world’ conflicts and the hidden economic interests which are behind armed conflicts (armament industry, resources degradation, and so on)

Socialization in a culture that educates us in the idea that war and violence are the only solution for conflicts and teaches us to collaborate with war in an active or a passive way. The strongest, the powerful wins, therefore the conflict isn’t solved: it’s silenced but it will emerge again as soon as it finds favourable conditions

The promotion of values that answer to a violent social model: fear, social control, male chauvinism, blind obedience, power-submission relations, conflicts’ solution with violence and force, and contempt towards women and men considered weaker and different.

Women in Black against war we want to build Peace fighting for another society and offering new models. We side with values that lead us to a social change and provide us with critical attitudes and a protagonist role in our social reality.


To dedicate some of the 68, 68 millions of euros, that are devoted to the daily expenses for defence, expenditure in Spain, would be assign in 2008, to the promotion of Peace by means of education, defence and promotion of Human Rights, and the reduction of the big economic and ecologic imbalances that exist between the industrialised world and the rest of people.

To support the researchers’ studies about Peace.

Governments to use always dialogue and negotiation as democratic and pacific tools and to put Human Rights on top of any economic interest.

In words of Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel Peace prize 1991:
I don’t believe in armed fight because it perpetuates the tradition of these who better use weapons, who use the power...NON-Violence means a positive action. It doesn’t mean to stay sitting, doing nothing, but to do it in a non-violent way.

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA

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