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Women in Black Against War – Madrid commemorating 24th May
International Day of Women for Peace and Disarmament

We women create spaces where the voices of women against war can be heard and so that their indignation can be transformed into active non-violent resistance to war.

We build networks of solidarity among women without regard to borders, ethnicity, religions…

We support the participation of women in peace negotiations at the local, regional and global levels.

We are against wars, all militarism, because this is perpetuated in the established patriarchal order, a system of domination and injustice which does not guarantee a just and sustainable human development; we do not believe in armed struggle because it perpetuates the law of the most powerful.

Militarism transmits and exalts macho values which in no way favor equity and equality of opportunity. It leads to the normalization of violence and devalues life in all its integrity; it maintains a dichotomous view of the world, dividing it into friends/enemies; we/they; to die/to kill; with me/against me. The army and its buildup of arms are an apology for death in the face of the value of life.

And it is in this sense that we express our concern regarding the investment of public funds for military ends. As long as countries keep allocating resources for research and development in weapons, another world will not be possible. The production and commerce in arms fuels all the armed conflicts.

While it is true that this government has increased Ayuda Oficial al Desarrollo (Official Aid to Development) the numbers speak for themselves: “Every Spaniard gives 83 euros a year to aid development and 179 for military expenses.” Spain continues producing cluster bombs and anti-personnel land mines.

In our opinion, no army defends the peace. The misnamed humanitarian wars are one more deception in the new model of defense rooted in fear.

For these reasons, we declare:

-That it is necessary and urgent to strengthen the work of Education for Peace with a gender perspective that has as its goal the formation of a “nonviolent” person who can achieve his/her full development and learn to resolve conflicts through negotiation.

-That urgent measures should be taken directed toward the eradication of research, manufacture and sale of arms to end this commerce that fuels violence and the conflicts that are today devastating humanity.

-We invite you to participate in the Campaña de Objecion Fiscal en la Declaracion de la Renta * (campaign regarding uses of income tax) as a service in achieving the goals of peace. The purpose of this campaign is that “Not one euro, not one woman, not one man, not one thought be destined for war”; nor for research and manufacture of arms that kill human beings.

“We women do not bear sons and daughters for war.” (Women in Black of Colombia)

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA

*For more information on the Objecion Fiscal a los Gastos Militares, see:

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