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Regarding the possible location of locating of Eurovegas in Madrid

Mr. President Mariano Rajoy, Mr. President of the Community of Madrid Ignacio Gonzalez:

Women in Black of Madrid against war wish to declare our position and opinion as feminists and pacifists regarding the possible locating of Eurovegas* in Madrid.

You present Eurovegas as a macro-project for gaming and entertainment that is going to generate a considerable number of jobs in the zone where it is installed. However, we see only a project in which the majority of men and women, directly or indirectly associated with it, are going to work in highly vulnerable conditions. The exception will be that a minority of people will see their economic interests multiply, such as the businessman Mr. Sheldon Adelson, known worldwide for amoral businesses and for his facile and rapid enrichment. Land speculators and related industries will also see an increase in their income.

We are outraged before the ease and availability that you show to modify and adapt the laws to the pleasure and criteria of Mr. Adelson, so that a large number of economic resources from the contributors must be previously available. You do all that with the excuse of creating hypothetical jobs dedicated to leisure and gambling; a space with its own law (a lawless state within the State), without labor unions and semi-slavery work conditions. At the same time, you show that you have no scruples about leaving education, health and other public services without resources and, by law, destroying thousands of jobs necessary for society.

You say that Eurovegas will be a mega-project for entertainment and games. Women in Black say that it will be a mega-project for prostitution, mafia and money laundering, because mafia and money laundering is what has existed in all the places with these characteristics.

As pacifists and feminists we are horrified by your attitude. You are using the vote that has been given to you by a portion of the citizens to create a space in which mafia will be the law, governed by current financial interests, in the trafficking in women and men, drugs and weapons. We are concerned about the increase in violence in that space the control of which will be in the hands of private businesses that provide armed protection.

We will support any initiative against a project like this one, which is in itself a focus for crime. Likewise, in such case that it is installed, we ask that responsibilities be clarified and that any delinquency not remain in impunity.

For Women in Black all work projects should provide these basic conditions:

No speculation with the jobs and that these positions be sustainable and kept for the women and men of the zone.
We defend the idea that all projects be governed in a way that dignifies the people and the job itself.

We roundly request that:

1. Eurovegas not be installed anywhere in Spain.
2. That the money the State has destined for Eurovegas be dedicated to education and public health.
3. We will support existing initiatives against this macro-project.

*Eurovegas would be a Las Vegas in Europe

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA

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