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On the November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Because this crisis is also violence against women

This crisis is a permanent economic war against the major part of civil society.

Women are the ones who suffer the most in the precarious work situation and they habitually carry the largely invisible workload of care for others. In many cases they have a double workday (domestic and public), which is becoming every day more difficult to carry out because of the loss of workers' rights and benefits. In addition, women take responsibility for other members of the family to the detriment of their own needs. Care of dependents and the struggle against social exclusion receive less and less public assistance, and it is the women who must confront these situations.

More than two million minors live below the poverty threshold and cuts continue in social services, which have been reduced by 65% in the last two years. At the same time, banks are rescued with public money, fiscal benefits are given to the big fortunes (SICAV) and a military system that provides no benefit to the civil society is maintained.

We spend more than 45 million euros every day for the military while 21% of the population lives on less than 7355 euros a year.

This contrast is even more dramatic if we remember that financial speculation is one of the factors responsible for the crisis and that one crucial part of the public deficit is nourished by an excessive debt derived from the purchase of weapons (“the armament bubble”).

Women in Black of Madrid against War denounce:

-That to help the family get ahead is reducing the expectations and health of women, impeding their participation in public, social, work and political life.

-The existence of big businesses that are not affected by the crisis, among them those that deal in the sale of weapons and have financial interests in the military industry.

-The current management of the crisis, which is fomenting social inequality, fear of unemployment and poverty, a feeling of guilt for lack of work, loss of benefits, criminalization of protests and resistance.

-The enormous military expenditure (46,650,000 euros daily in 2012 and 45,180,000 euros daily predicted for 2013), and the responsibility of the “armament bubble” in this crisis.

We express our admiration, solidarity and support for those women who:

-Actively resist the loss of all that has been obtained up to now.

-Know that fear is a result of unemployment, poverty and insecurity… and that it can be overcome by friendship, mutual support and solidarity.

-In crisis situations transform indignation into nonviolent resistance; desperation into public acts of civil disobedience; and sadness and powerlessness into solidarity among women.

Today on 25 November, international day for the elimination of violence against women:

We demand a radical change in the budget, so that we quit wasting money on weapons and dedicate it to social goals, especially goals aimed at the eradication of gender violence.

We affirm our confidence in dialogue, justice and nonviolence as means to reach understandings among people.

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA

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