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Goodbye Howard

I’m going to speak on behalf of the ‘Women in Black’ group in Madrid. And at first I want to say that we always demonstrate in black and in silence, so that you can understand the context.

People ask: And can men go to your vigils?

Every time anyone asked us this question, we used to reply:

‘Howard is our most committed woman in black.’

We have shared with Howard difficult things that are happening in other places: we have shared many hours of silence.

A silence that is also a moment of reflection, of recollection, of plucking from our memories unfinished tasks, like - for example – asking Howard whether he knows a certain book.... whether he has contacts with groups in this or that place... can he tell us about his last trip .... ask Howard ...’

After the vigils there are many intense conversations, the discussion becomes animated and passionate. But it was usual for us to prolong it even more, when Howard and Yolanda encouraged us to eat together, along with Ismael and Violeta. And, why not, with so many visitors arriving from all over the world.

Now we feel the need to speak, to talk about the times we saw each other, to remember the enjoyable and special times we spent with him.

Now, sadly, the silence is longer. But we will not stop talking to him in our hours of silence, asking him so many things .....

Farewell, my friend.

Women in Black, Madrid

Translation: Yolanda Juarros


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