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No to the war in Ukraine!

Women in Black are organizing a vigil in black and in silence for 24 May 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in the Plaza of the Republic of Belgrade, with the title “No to the war in Ukraine”.

Women in Black condemn the military actions and violence in Ukraine, whose victims are increasing daily, as a consequence of the imperialistic policy of Russia and the growing fascism in Ukraine.

We ask for more effort from the international community to give priority to the rights and future of the civilian population, guaranteeing their integrity without discriminating because of ethnic origin, nationality or any other affiliation instead of striving to reach, at any price, agreements based on geostrategic interests of the most powerful states.

Therefore, in order to avoid a major escalation of violence and war in Ukraine, we demand of the international community that they give strong and decisive support to all the peace organizations in Ukraine and Russia and to all persons who refuse any type of forced mobilization, and protection of minorities, as well as respect for their rights and freedoms.

We remember that war benefits only the powerful, war profiteers, and the military-industrial complex, who maintain their privileges and power through destruction, the perpetuation of hatred among communities and death. Once again, it is the civilian population that will suffer, especially the most vulnerable: children, women and the elderly, regardless of nationality; including, as well, the group that is the most vulnerable at this time, the Ukrainian citizens of Russian origin, whom the Russian Federation claims to defend, the excuse always given by those in power to justify an invasion and cultural and economic plunder.

Commemorating the International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament on 24 May, Women in Black draw attention to and denounce the increase in local, regional and global militarization both of conscience and weaponry. Aside from the military escalation in Russia and Ukraine, we observe an expansion of the NATO fleet in the Black Sea and surrounding countries. It is absolutely inadmissible that more money be dedicated to weapons in the middle of a crisis affecting all of Europe.

The International Network of Women in Black will organize protests for the same day in Spain, Russia, Serbia…

Organized and disseminated by the International Network of Women in Black against war.

Translation: Trisha Novak and Yolanda Rouiller

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