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Les convocations et les communiqués de ce blog sont aussi publiés en espagnol, anglais et français.


CONVOCATION 7 NOVEMBRE 2015: We participate in the March against Sexist Violences

Women in Black of Madrid will participate in the

March against Sexist Violences
that will take place
7 NOVEMBER 2015 at noon

The march will depart from the Ministry of Health

If you want to accompany us for the demonstration,

Women in Black (of Madrid) Against War will be

in front of the stairs of the Goya Street entrance of the Prado Museum at 11:45


As Women in Black against war, we want:

To declare that gender violence affects us all, both men and women, and for that reason, as feminist and anti-militarist women, we join to build another way of seeing the worldo.

To make the voices of women heard to express feelings, needs, proposals and alternatives to latent militarism and war.

To demilitarize our ways of feeling, thinking and behaving.

To disseminate the reality of countries and regions in conflict and the violence suffered therein by women.

To build networks of solidarity among women that cross over borders, ethnicities, religions...

To denounce the interrelationship among daily, local and global militarization

Truth, Justice and Reparation so that the horrors of war and violence are not repeated

... finally, that women’s bodies never again be a battlefield

Let us expel war and violence
from History and
from our lives

C/ San Cosme y San Damián, Nº 24, 2º
28012 – Madrid

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain

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