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CONVOCATION 31 March 2019: Nicaragua, you will flourish

Nicaragua, you will flourish

Women in Black, along with thousands of international feminists, are distressed about Nicaragua and join the peaceful revolution that is taking place in that country.

The Nicaraguan feminists opposed the re-election of Daniel Ortega and denounced the illegitimacy of his government. It was on that date that they became part of the feminist Articulation of Nicaragua.

It was hard to believe that the very some ones who contributed to installing the Sandinista dream would have corrupted those ideals in such a way. It was hard to believe that the much admired guerilla would be a rapist, but the feminists had the courage to support the denouncement of his stepdaughter Zoila America Narvaez. However, neither the abuse nor corruption has been sufficient to remove the guerilla leader from the government. The hero myth has remained alive in the imagination of the country for a long time. The violence exercised on the people since 18 April, more than 300 dead and around 800 political prisoners, shutting down of the media that are critical, censorship and the strict repression of those who demand their rights and liberties, has led to the present situation. Today the denouncement is unanimous. Other organizations have joined the feminist groups: farmers, students, environmentalists, defenders of human rights, etc. with the goal of overthrowing a corrupt government that impoverishes Nicaragua even more.

Despite the fear that the regime provokes with kidnappings, jailing and deaths, the people stand firm demanding free elections and the end to what many are calling state terrorism. Organizations like the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights confirm that the current government committed crimes against humanity, kidnapping, torturing and killing hundreds of Nicaraguans.

Nicaragua has experience with revolutions but in contrast with the Sandinista slogan A free country or die, the feminists of the new civil movement, which unites over seventy organizations, call for nonviolent resistance: A free country in order to live. The veterans of this civil resistance ask the young people to not expose themselves, to protect their lives in order to build a free Nicaragua without more martyrs.

In this peaceful revolution, the Nicaraguan people urgently need international assistance. We think that for there to be any dialogue there should first be respect for human rights and for that reason, we request:

Justice for the victims and that the crimes against humanity that have been committed not remain in impunity.

Liberty for those who have been kidnapped and held in prisons.

Provision of suitable conditions for free elections to take place: liberty for the prisoners, return of those exiled and the end of repression.

And we ask our government and the European Union to keep in mind the violation of human rights that is taking place in Nicaragua and to take appropriate action.

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain

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