Women in Black of Madrid want to denounce the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union and also the foreign policy of Spain.

At this time, we wish to be mindful of the causes for human displacements such as the wars favored by our governors in various countries of the planet for the clear interests of control and dominion, as well as the policies they carry out in support of governors who do not respect human rights. We believe that the real and definitive solution for conflicts must come from a change in the values in policies at all levels, including international, and from the essential participation of civil society, a belief that is clearly confirmed and reinforced in the wake of the disaster of military interventions that have taken place up until now.

We denounce the war economy and the economic interest in the conflicts. To tolerate the suffering of millions of people so that a few companies become even richer is both unacceptable and immoral. It is not acceptable that the defense budgets of many countries, ours included, are maintained and even expand when there are may social needs to cover and which are increasingly reduced.

We are concerned about the world situation, from Turkey to Nicaragua, the war in Syria…the military coups that have engendered violations of human rights where they have taken place. Where the army has taken control by force, violence has become institutionalized and the societies that have been witness to the coups have been dragged into spiral of violence.

We look with great worry upon the growth of nationalism and racism in Europe.

We are hopeful regarding the peace process in Colombia and the involvement of the civil society and women. We are joyful along with our companions of Women in Black of Colombia.

Women in Black of Madrid

Demand an urgent change in the policies for security and defense at the international level. We ask for policies that will permit people to live with dignity and respect for human rights any place on the planet.

We demand that our government and the European Union develop policies regarding migration that are more worthy and humanitarian.

We support the initiatives of the civil society that have as their objective to promote harmonious co-existence and human rights locally, regionally and globally so that these rights may one day become universal.

We declare our support to the NGOs, collectives and individuals involved in support of the migrants.

We express the need to seek actions against racism and xenophobia, integrating a perspective of gender.

We are in solidarity with the pacifists and conscientious objectors of Turkey, who we know are experiencing moments of great pain and frustration.

Let us remove war from history and from our lives

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain