Women in Black are very concerned to see how the war in Syria has become entrenched. Following the repression of the dictator Al Assad against the civil population, which rose up non-violently against the corruption of his government in the spring of 2011, there occurred an increase in violence, encouraged by the intervention of external actors who, instead of seeking a peaceful solution, provoked a civil war that included many participants and with international dimensions.

In previous communiqués, we have reported that the supposed guardians of democracy might arise as saviors of this country supporting the insurgents militarily, when in reality they only aspired to defend their interests in the area. We also denounced the macabre business of arms sales by various countries, Spain among them, with the approval of their respective governments, despite knowing that these weapons are used against the civil population.

With the pretext of the struggle against terrorism, the international community continues to permit the destruction of Syria and further entrenchment of the conflict. Recently, an additional country, Israel, joined in the destruction of Syria giving as their reason to attack the Hezbollah militia present on the border.

The European Union disregards those who oppose this war, the thousands of refugees, mostly defectors who leave with their families in order to save their lives and flee from the armed conflict. The supply of arms to the various warring actors continues but the quota for admission of refugees in the various countries is restricted. And they neither do anything to protect the civil population trapped between the military forces confronting one another.

The people suffer the consequences of a conflict that has little to do with them. On the contrary, the war serves the interests of the contending countries and the great world powers which care nothing about the destruction of a country as long as they obtain certain advantages derived from their presence in an area that is so strategic geopolitically.

Women in Black request:

A negotiated solution in Syria now and one which will include all the civilian voices involved.

That access to arms be denounced and impeded to adversaries.

That the countries that permit the sale of arms, Spain included, be denounced.

That the civil population be protected from military aggression, hunger, poverty and forced emigration, etc.

That there be no impunity, rather that those responsible be held accountable in courts of justice for their crimes against the people.

That the national heritage be protected and rebuilt.

That the government of Spain fulfill its commitments to welcome Syrian refugees, a commitment with which it has systematically failed to comply.

Let us remove war from history and from our lives

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain