Statement 25 October 2020: For Peace in the South Caucasus!

For Peace in the South Caucasus!

One of the most militarized places in the world is the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the border that surrounds the autonomous region known as Artsakh (for Armenia) or Nagorno Karabaj (for Azerbaijan), where towards the end of September confrontations initiated by Azerbaijan began again.

This territory has been in dispute between the two countries for more than 30 years, although its roots go back to early in the 20th century. A majority Armenian enclave is located in Azerbaijani land but it is also on the route for the interests of other states and corporations.

The Minsk Group of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), in charge of seeking a peaceful solution to the conflict, seems to not exist. The ceasefire attempts promoted by third countries have failed. The truce is broken down.

The activists for peace in both countries also demand a non-violent solution to the conflict, which will not be achieved while various nations such as Turkey, Russia, Iran or Israel, connive behind the scenes to seek their own benefit. The mutual accusations between the governments of Azerbaijan and Armenia are not helpful either, as they ruin the harmonious co-existence of the civilian population, victims as usual of the militarization of the society and fear of a new armed confrontation or another ethnic cleansing.

Women in Black support the demands that we have received from youth pacifist organizations of both countries*:

* A definitive cease fire that will permit the advance of negotiations to restore co-existence in the region, which through the years has already suffered human and material loss and forced displacements.

* Restoration of the dialogue between the two countries without interference from ethnic or religious differences.

* Seeking imaginative formulas, other than territorial, that confront the problem in novel ways.

* Include in the negotiations civil and grassroots movements, especially those promoted by people who favor good neighborly co-existence.

* Curb the atmosphere of hatred and distrust.

On our part, we denounce and demand:

That the governments in the area not go against their own people, already harmed by the crisis and Covid.

That guarantees with regard to human rights and humanitarian law are offered in the negotiations.

That they abandon nationalistic propaganda and rearmament and invest the resources in co-operation and solidarity.

We ask Europe to avoid the interference of corporate and foreign interests in the negotiations.

We support all the people of Nagorno Karabaj/Artsakh, Azerbaijan and Armenia, who demonstrate against war, requesting special protection for conscientious objectors, deserters and anti-war activists.

We demand the right of free expression for all those who condemn the armed conflict, nationalist hatred and militarization.

We call for a stop to the repression and criminalization of those who advocate for a peaceful solution, dialog, co-existence and solidarity.

We demand the inclusion of women’s organizations at the table for negotiations, in accordance with Resolution 1325 of the United Nations.

We denounce the sale of armaments to Turkey by the government of Spain, which stokes this conflict militarily.

Let the voice be heard of the committed and peace-seeking youth who search for new alternatives to resolving the conflict.

For life, everything. For war, nothing!

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain


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