The Iranian women have risen up against the dictatorial regime of their country since Masha Amini was beaten to death by the police of Teheran for not wearing her hijab as required by law.  In defense of their rights, they burn hijabs, cut their hair, publish their demands on social networks, go out into the streets and confront those who back the regimen and repression with the slogan “Woman, Iife and liberty”.

Underlying this is not just a garment or a way of understanding a religious belief, but a patriarchal and misogynistic policy against women.  For this reason, solidarity with the Iranian women should not focus just on eliminating the veil.  The imposition or prohibition of an item of clothing hides the same message:  a woman cannot and should not make decisions about her own body and it is the authority (civil, religious, the husband…) that should do so.  We believe that every woman should be able to choose with complete liberty the clothing or symbols she wishes to wear.

We denounce that these misogynistic policies, so bloody and violent in the case of Iran, continue with more or less intensity in all the world, and that one turns a blind eye towards “allied” governments which endorse policies towards women that are just as stringent as those of Iran.  Such is the case in Qatar, where the Football World Cup will take place without FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) or any Federation finding a problem with this, or in Saudi Arabia, great friend of the Spanish government because they buy weapons from us and they sell us oil even though it denies the most basic rights to women and immigrants.

The Iranian women do not need for us to save them or speak in their name.  It is our obligation to listen to their voice and amplify their demands.

Women in Black request:

·         That the government of Iran respect human rights in general and those of women in particular, abolishing all discriminatory laws and convoking democratic elections.

·         That the international community not negotiate with nor support the dictatorial regime in Iran in any fashion, nor in general any government that discriminates against women and doesn’t respect human rights.

·         That the government of Spain decidedly supports the women of Iran, and provide refuge for those who want to leave their country.


Translation: Trisha Novak, USA


Mujeres de Negro de Madrid

Mujeres de Negro de Madrid
En la Plaza Mayor, primera convocatoria