Statement agreed by Women in Black at the International Conference of Bangalore

XV1th International Women in Black Conference – Bangalore 2015

Statement from Spanish Women in Black, agreed at Plenary session November 19th 2015

For decades Western governments have intervened in and occupied different regions of the world, on the pretext of peace, human rights and women’s rights. We denounce their hypocrisy and find them guilty of war crimes.

Western governments have involved our people in wars that we don‘t support in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and now Syria.

Our governments have stolen the voices of women, and have spoken and acted in our name. We don’t recognise these genocidal governments, we don’t support their policies of exploitation and extermination, and we actively oppose them.

We are creating networks of resistance with our sisters from these countries across borders, economic interests, and laws.

Stopping these wars is crucial for us, and for the world!