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CONVOCATION 24 February 2019: Call to the Feminist Strike

This coming 8 March women will go on strike, the second Feminist Strike. It is not just a work-related strike but also includes, consumption, caregivers, education and social participation, a strike that aspires to influence all vital spaces to symbolically show that if we stop, the world stops.

To those who would return us to the caverns of the patriarchy, we say not one step back. The road leading to equality has not yet ended. There is much more to do and we continue forward. Because the rights of women have repercussions in the entire society, we will not step back, not even one inch.

A Call to the Feminist Strike


We want a society without violence or fear.

We demand dignity of life for women: without mistreatment, harassments, humiliation, inhumane treatment or psychological violence.

The body of woman is not a battlefield. We must end rape as a weapon of war once and for all.

Women should be recognized as protagonists in social and political life.

We demand that attention be given to the most vulnerable collectives, such as migrant women and children, who are the main civilian victims in armed conflicts.

We demand a welcome with dignity for the migrants, with international protection, without internment centers, illegal returns or intimidating raids.

We reject war and the materials that feed it. We refute the idea that women’s being a part of the armed forces is a valid model of equality, because women do not want an equality created by the patriarchy.

The economy that sustains armed defense is incompatible with an economy focused on life. An economy that makes life precarious and enslaves migrant women is incompatible with dignity.

We want to build a different model of safety: care of the planet and the beings that inhabit it. Because we are diverse, we want to protect diversity.

Sisterhood will jump over the frontiers of States, ethnic discrimination and religious oppression of women.

"Never forget that political, economical or religious crisis will be enough to cast doubt on women’s rights. These rights will never be vetted. You will have to stay vigilant your whole life."
Simone de Beauvoir

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain

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