CONVOCATION 30 June 2019: Let's defend the environment. Out with armies and wars

Let's defend the environment.
Out with armies and wars

World Environment Day was celebrated on 5 June. The world population is increasingly aware of the degree of destruction that our civilization is causing on the Planet. Women in Black against the war Madrid, we want to denounce today the high degree of pollution and destruction of the environment that armies and wars cause in the world.

At the origin of most armed conflicts lie objectives related to the exploitation of natural resources. It is impossible to ignore the conquest of water in the case of the occupation of Palestine; or the invasion of Iraq, in which the pollution of rivers was used as a combat weapon; or the strategic control of water resources in Syria, where war has annihilated agriculture.

The armies are excessive consumers of fossil fuels. The main objective of most military interventions in recent decades has been to secure the supply and transport of these fuels. It is no coincidence that one of the worst hit regions is the Middle East.

The effects of weapons also include deforestation, the disappearance of animal species and genetic deformations. Between 50 and 100 million animals are used each year in scientific experiments for war purposes. Weapons radiation and nuclear tests show their consequences in the increase of carcinogenic diseases and genetic changes. All this leads to the reduction of biodiversity and the alteration of ecosystems. Likewise, the pollution of air, land and water by chemical, biological and nuclear weapons has serious consequences on the health and equilibrium of the Planet.

Women in Black against the war Madrid we consider ourselves to be eco-feminist and we support all civil society groups in the world that defend the environment against the deadly action of armies and wars, for example:

Latin American and indigenous women who face deforestation and pollution as much as bullets.

The organizations of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria that have defended the rivers Tigris and Euphrates all these last years of wars in the Middle East.

Women in Black against the war Madrid we demand that our government:

Look for solutions for the reconversion of the Spanish armament factories in other industries beneficial for the population and the environment.

Gradually reduce defence budgets and reduce Spanish military personnel until their complete disappearance and invest in sustainable industry.

Protect, cooperate and empower all the collectives that defend the environment, reject armies and wars and defend peace.

To all governments that they guarantee the safety and health of people and of the Planet.

We invite civil society to join the alternatives of responsible consumption that promote fairer and more ecological relationships (consumer groups, ethical banks, electric cooperatives, etc.).

We defend life against economic and militaristic interests.

"You have the bullet... I have the word... The bullet dies when it detonates... The word lives when it replicates."
Berta Cáceres