CONVOCATION 29 September 2019: Rebellion Facing the Climate Emergency

Rebellion Facing the Climate Emergency

Currently a series of protests are taking place to draw attention to the climate emergency in which our planet finds itself and to demand concrete actions about it from the authorities.

The current model of production and unbridled consumption has increasingly impoverished the most vulnerable on the planet to an untenable level, in addition to exploiting and deteriorating the majority of eco-systems.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) already advised in 2018 that for the global temperature to not rise above more than 1.5ºC we should at the very least reduce by half the greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and have eliminated them altogether by 2050. Any future situation that does not include these reductions means a risk for the survival of human beings and a great part of life on Earth.

We want to emphasize the intrinsic relation between militarism and climate change. Aside from facts like, for example, that just the army of the United States produces more greenhouse gasses than a medium size country; the truth is, as affirmed in Trident Ploughshares(*), “there is a direct relationship between militarism and the climate emergency, as militarism is one of the central pillars of the exploitative carbon-intensive industrial system that is driving the climate crisis. Getting to net zero emissions by 2025 will require a radical social change. Challenging the militarism that underpins the fossil fuel industry will be an essential part of this process. We must redirect resources from the military to address climate change”.

Women in Black:

Support the activities being carried out by social organizations to demand urgent action regarding the climate emergency we are now experiencing.

Encourage people to join the mobilizations and to modify their living and consumption habits to live in a more sustainable and respectful fashion with regard to the natural environment and one’s own community.

Demand that the governments take drastic and urgent measures and cease to put the profits of big enterprises above the well-being or future of the people and sustainability of life on Earth.

Demand a true report on the situation we are now experiencing and its implications, especially in countries like Spain, which is one of the most vulnerable facing climate change.

Demand the protection of environmental defenders, many of whom are threatened and assassinated by the interests of the large capitalist corporations.

(*) Trident Ploughshares is a British organization that works for the elimination of nuclear arms.

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain