STATEMENT 23 February 2020: 8th March

8 March
With Rights, Without Barriers,
Feminists Without Borders

To commemorate 8th March 2020, the 8M Commission of Madrid calls on the Revuelta Feminista (Feminist Collective Revolt), filling February and March with actions that draw attention to the demands and proposals of the feminist movement. Women in Black of Madrid want to join this Feminist Revolt because we wish for all a life with rights every day of the year.

In this context, as a way of breaking through frontiers, we want to highlight the work being developed by groups of women organized all over the world, weaving networks that sustain life, including in situations of war or armed conflict, repression, environmental threats and violations of human rights. For that reason, today we highlight with joy and sisterhood four current mobilizations of women.

In Shaheen Bagh and other regions of India, women of all ages have gone out into the streets [demonstrating] against the Citizenship Amendment Act, which they see as an attack on the secular foundations of their Constitution. The discrimination that this law imposes has been strengthened, according to some of the activists, thanks to a toxic masculinity, so it is not surprising that women are the most mobilized, playing a leading role in the protests and showing an example of constructive energy, strong and decisive, with slogans like Stop dividing India on religious lines! or No human being is illegal!

In Bagdad and several cities in southern Iraq, hundreds of women have demonstrated in recent weeks to defend their participation in the mobilizations against sectarianism and corruption in the country. Facing the petitions of some religious leaders who call for the segregation of men and women in demonstrations, they say “We are the revolution” and they continue demanding a complete remodeling of the political system established by the United States after the overthrow of Sadam Hussein in 2003.

The women of Chile have managed to draw attention to the structural sexual violence that permeates the entire society and the security forces of the states thanks to the powerful performance created by the feminist collective LasTesis, A Rapist in your Path. The lyrics of their song have already been translated into numerous languages crossing borders and spreading on networks in record time.

In areas of armed conflict, the Women’s Tribunals work for Transitional Justice, like those of ‘La verdad de las mujeres’[The Women’s Truth] of the Ruta Pacifica in Colombia, or the Women’s Tribunal of Sarajevo. These tribunals draw attention to the causes and effects of war and militarism on women, as well as the mechanisms that cause wars to continue and not be eradicated.

Women in Black against war want:

To draw attention to and nurture the networks of women who sustain life.

To recognize and celebrate all the women, who throughout history and also at the present time mobilize to eliminate borders and secure rights.

We women move the world

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain